Tech Tips from the ECC

Know your Passwords?

Passwords are our first line of defense in our online world and most people think theirs are as strong as Fort Knox. Sadly, “fool-proof” passwords don’t usually translate into “hack-proof” ones. (Click here for more . . . )

Using BCC – June 28

Here is a scenario that could happen at the WBCCI International Rally. You have a novel idea and share it when you bump into your Region president. He or she loves it and asks you to send out an email to everyone in your unit telling them about your idea. (Click here for more . . . )

My Documents are in the Cloud?

One of the terms you will hear technology savvy people banter about is the “cloud.” No, these people are not talking about the weather outside their Airstreams; the cloud refers to storing computer files in an easily accessible place away from your computer. In layman’s terms, the cloud is someone else’s computer. (Click here for more . . . )

“Undo” to the Rescue


That is a dreaded sound when working with technology and it is considered to be slightly less deadly than the feared “uh oh” utterance.  These usually mean that you will be spending the next couple of hours trying to undo your last mistake. (Click here for more . . . )

Who do online advertisers think you are?

Why is it that moments after looking at a pair of shoes online you start seeing ads for those same shoes on every website you visit? It is easy to start thinking that you are the target of some creepy cyber-spying. (Click here for more . . . )

Is my bank open? Ask Google Maps!

Most people use a variety of tools to help them navigate to the next campground. Following your GPS, Google Maps and Waze it is easy to find the best route and to avoid traffic jams. Did you know that Google Maps can help you find out if your bank, a restaurant or the camping store across town is currently open?
(Click here for more . . . )


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