Vendors at Lewisburg

Vendor Seminar Schedule – Revised 20160614

Vendor Seminar Descriptions – Revised 20160614

Vendors and Vendor Seminars in Lewisburg, West Virginia 2016

Karen Fisher #24701

We have worked hard to bring you an exciting display of vendors and vendor seminars to Lewisburg this summer. Special thanks to Jim Schwerdfeger, Lori Plummer, and Julie Rethman for all their help. Please plan to visit the vendors and attend their seminars. Let them know you appreciate that they are there.

Vendor List as of March 31, 2016

A&W Designs (Allison & Wes Hurner)

Custom Embroidery and Laser Art

Aunt Betty’s Handy Crafts (Betty Dunn)

Hand Made items (casserole & dish carriers, pot holders, dish towels, dish drainers, aprons, potato bakers, broom skirts, totes), Appliqued Shirt Sets, Sparkly Hats, RV Parts and Accessories

Blue Ox

Tow bars, baseplates, braking systems, chassis enhancements, hitches & tow bar service

Coastal Reflections (Mary & Gerry Butler)

Fashion Jewelry, Purses, Clothing for Women

FCIS (Josh Pagel – Corporate Sponsor)

RV Insurance

Mary Kay (Sondra Nelson)

Skin care, Make-up, Fragrance, etc.

Miche (Helene Graham)

Miche Interchangeable Handbags

Pampered Chef (Linda Weikle)

Kitchen Cookware, Stoneware, Tools, and Packaged Food Products

Performance Trailer Braking (Ron Russell)

Trailer Disc Brake Conversion Kit (Installation Available at Rally)

Simply Etched Stickers (Billie & John Liparito)

Vinyl lettering & graphics, lawn signs, license plates, placemats, tumblers, banners, magnetic signs

Sky Med (Will Klein and Bill (JJ) Johnjulio – Corporate Sponsor)

Medical & Emergency Services

Summersville Lake Retreat ‘N Lighthouse (Steve Keblesh)

Cabins, Camping, Boat Rentals, Scenic Views, Gift Shop

Sunrise Bedding (Jay Jensen)

Thermoshield Mattress Pad and My Pillow pillows

US Carburetion (Brian Canterbury)

Propane Powered Portable Generators and Generator Conversion Kits

Walker Electric (Greg Walker)

Power & Surge Protectors – portable and hardwired

Winegard (Erik Guldager)

Innovative, rugged, and reliable antenna solutions.

Seminar List as of March 31, 2016

What Is Auxiliary Barking & Why Do I Need It? Blue Ox
Blue Ox gives an interactive seminar addressing what auxiliary braking is, and why you need one in your tow vehicle. We will address different braking systems, safety issues, state towing requirements and how they affect you. You will learn the “do’s and don’ts” of caring for your auxiliary braking system, helpful hints, tips, and solutions to keeping RVing safe and enjoyable.

Learn How You Can Create a Softer, Smoother, and Safer RVing experience – Blue Ox

Blue Ox presents a seminar designed to educate consumers on weight distributing hitches, their features and advantages over conventional hitches, and how using one can increase comfort, safety & stability resulting in a more enjoyable RVing experience. Tips for towing and Q&A.

Mary Kay & Fighting the Signs of Aging – Sondra Nelson with Mary Kay

Mary Kay offers a line of unique products that help you have the healthiest and best-looking skin possible. This seminar will include a full description of our anti-aging skin care products, both for your face and your body. Information on how and when to use each product and the benefits you can expect. Questions are welcomed. Expect a lively discussion. A door prize will be given at each seminar.

Rock Your RV – Linda Weikle with Pampered Chef

Learn to rock your RV cooking with Pampered Chef Rockcroks! Rockcroks save you space and time, and have multiple cooking uses. Prepare meals and desserts in 30 minutes or less!

Time to Tailgate – Linda Weikle with Pampered Chef

Time for a tailgate party or a camp site meal? Grill inside or out! Keep your food chillin’ for 4-6 hours. Tight on storage space? Learn about products that save space.

Application of Graphics Stickers – Billie & John Liparito with Simply Etched Stickers

This will be a hands on, step by step demonstration on how to apply a vinyl graphic sticker.

Off-Air and Satellite TV Reception – Erik Guldager with Winegard

Covering the newest changes in both off-air and satellite TV products as well as an overview of upcoming changes.

Tire Safety and the Use of Tire Pressure Monitors – Steve Rosenthal with Truck Systems Technology

Tire Safety is the single most important factor in keeping your BEAUTIFUL AIRSTREAM BEAUTIFUL! Damaged, worn, old and under inflated tires are the major causes of damage and injury to us as we travel. This seminar will discuss all the aspects of tire safety and the most effective way to know what is going on with the tires on your Airstream while you are underway. DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST ODDS OF ENJOYING THE JOURNEY.

RV Bathroom TLC – Paula Pacholke-Dumont with Thetford

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right holding tank deodorant for your RV toilet system? With so many choices out there, how do you know what works and what is safe to use in your RV plumbing. For the past 50 years, the lab at Thetford Corporation has developed holding tank deodorants that work in extreme weather conditions and are environmentally friendly. Paula Pacholke-Dumont, Manager Chemical/Product Development at Thetford, will discuss the basics of RV bathroom care and help you choose the right solutions for a worry (and smell) free RV bathroom.